Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jumping towards Fitness!

Yesterday was my third day of teaching at the Cortland Christian Academy. My partner Lucia and I decided to try out a whole lesson on jump roping and our host teacher absolutely loved it.
We started off the lesson by handing out different colored name tags to the students. This helped easily divide up the students into 4 squads. It is also helping us learn the student’s names, and every day that I go to the school, I try to learn more and more of the student’s names. We started off with a quick instant activity called Shadow. Students worked with partners and had to do different locomotor skills moving around the gym while “shadowing” their partner.

After the instant activity, we dove right into the lesson focus which focused on a bunch of ways to modify jumping rope for the kindergarteners and first graders who were still gaining competency in the skill. One of the favorite activities of the students was laying the rope on the floor and doing as many ski jumps over the rope as they could in 30 seconds. We then challenged the group to jump for another 30 seconds and try to beat their first score. The class really seemed to like all of the modified activities we had planned and most definitely got their MVPA in for the day.

Our second class of second and third graders was much more competent in jumping rope and thus we got to do some more advanced things with these students. I was truly amazed at all of the tricks that the students could do. This class was exhausted by the end of the class and asked if we could do jump roping again next week!

It is really amazing how many neat things you can do with your students if each student has just one jump rope. It is definitely a great way to build up the cardiovascular endurance in students and they have a lot of fun at the same time. 

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