Monday, February 20, 2012


Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame is an absolutely incredible story. He has played more minutes for the New York Knicks in the past weeks than in the past 2 yrs combined. His story and rise to stardom is quite incredible. He led his high school to the state championship in the state of California and still did not even get recruited to play basketball in college. So he went to Harvard and pursued a degree and played basketball at the same time. Lin brought a lot of great talent to the team and was the first player to ever reach 1,500 points in the IVY League. Despite his talent, he still recalls being faced with racism by opponents.  In May 2010 Lin graduated with a degree in economics, and wanted to pursue his dream of getting drafted to the NBA.  But Lin was not drafted. The Dallas Mavericks coach spotted Lin and asked him to play in the summer league with the Mavericks. After that he was a released as a free agent and spent a short amount of time on several different teams. He was constantly moving and was very frustrated. He even recalled being “reduced to tears” and thought about giving up when he didn’t have a team. Starting on February 4th, Lin was finally given a chance by the Knicks and he went in as point guard.  Even since then, Lin has become a star and has been given the nickname of “Linsanity” for his extraordinary performance. It was so awesome to hear Lin say how he would never conform to the views society and he will always play his “brand” of basketball. I am definitely looking forward to watching some more of Jeremy Lin!

Check out this link to see Jeremy Lin's Journey towards success!

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