Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas St.Mary's!!

The theme of our final lab at St. Mary's this week was Christmas! We all came to lab dressed up in our best Christmas attire! This was our final lab so we did not have a set of locomotor skills that we needed to observe. My two lab partners and myself worked with the pre-schoolers for our final lab. I was really excited. I brought a big poster board that said "Merry Christmas St.Mary's" on the top. All of the kids colored different christmas pictures and we then taped them on the big poster. I had a couple of girls that wanted to be my helpers and they helped me tape all the pictures on the poster. They were so cute and were so excited that they could help me. They we played a big game of Simon Says. After this I read a really cute Christmas story to the preschoolers and then they had a quick snack before coming out to the gym to play some parachute games.

I definitely think that all of the kids absolutely loved to parachute games! Andrew did come fun games where the kids got to crawl under the parachute and other games that involved getting balls off the the top of the parachute. I then did a couple of games too. I think that their favorite game was probably "air conditioning".

Overall this weeks lab was definitely the best lab yet! I have had so much working with the kids at St.Mary's and it definitley was an awesome experience to get started working with the kids!!!
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