Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cortland Woman's Gymnastics!

Sarah Nadrowski

I just got back from my roommates gymnastics meet. Sarah is on the woman’s gymnastics team here at SUNY Cortland and today was a big meet against their rivals from the state university at Brockport. When I walked in the gym the first thing that I noticed was how exciting and full of energy the gym was. Both teams were very loud as they cheered their teammates on. The first event that the Cortland team competed in was vault. Every girl did a great job on this event. Next team performed on the uneven bars and the girls did great on this event too. Sarah was especially excited because she made her entire routine on bars for the first time since the beginning of January. I personally get so nervous when watching the gymnasts compete, especially when they are releasing themselves from the bar and in to the air. I make gasps and sighs of relief when then catch the bar or land a trick. The team struggled a little more with the next event which was balance beam. Three out of the seven girls competing fell off the beam which is a 0.5 deduction from their score automatically. I could tell that they were all quite frustrated especially since Sarah has been telling me how much they have been working on their balance beam routines this week. I knew though that they could use their frustrations and aggravations with the problems on the balance beam to work even harder in the last event of the meet which was the floor exercise. Going into the last event, the Cortland team was about 2.5 points behind Brockport. This is personally my favorite event to watch and I absolutely love seeing all of the different tricks that the gymnasts can do. Sarah did awesome in the event along with the rest of team! Although all of the gymnasts did a great job on their floor routines, they ended up losing the meet by less than one point. I still think that each one of the gymnasts on the Cortland team should be very proud as they put up a very good fight! I’m looking forward to going to watch Sarah and the rest of her team at her next meet in Ithaca.

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