Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Blog????

When Professor Yang first told us that part of the course requirements for EDU 470 was that we had to blog every day, 7 days a week, a minimum of 250 words, a flood of anxiety immediately came over me. I thought to myself “Where am I going to find the time?!” Not only was I  worried about when I would find the time with such a busy schedule of 21 credits, but in was also worried that I would not know what to write about every day. I feared that I would not have enough to talk about.
Well I was definitely wrong in all my initial judgments of the task. Blogging has really allowed me to reflect on all my different experiences this semester as well as many different topics that relate to my future. It is a way to channel my thoughts and I definitely feel that writing about them has helped. Writing everyday has improved my writing skills and I am more confident in my writing abilities. Some things that I blog about helps recreate the situation or memory in my head which may be helpful in the future. Sometimes I like to go back and look at my posts from earlier in the semester and I really enjoy seeing my growth since January. It is neat to see an accumulation of all that i have learned. Having a blog is almost like having a personal journal for me to write in about my day. When I have a cool, new experience I immediately think “I can blog about this tonight!”
In the future I will definitely plan on starting a blog for my physical education program where I teach. This will help ensure that my students can stay up to date on what is going on physical education classes, especially if they miss a day of class.

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