Thursday, March 1, 2012

Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Campaign

After taking a look at PE and what it was like back in the Cold War Era, I wanted to take a look at Michelle’s increasingly popular campaign called “Let’s Move”. She talks about how her family was not very healthy and then decided to make some changes in their lifestyles. Her new campaign is to all children more active and moving. She divides the campaign into four different parts:
1.       Making Healthy Choices
2.       Healthier School Foods
3.       Access to Healthy Affordable Food
4.       Increase physical activity
As a future physical educator, I know that I will be involved in the movement. I think that it is great that a figure head like the First Lady is so passionate about this type of movement. I believe that Obama hopes to not only fight childhood obesity that is such a problem right now, but she also hopes to start a proactive movement to prevent childhood obesity for even starting in the first place. Michelle Obama is also encouraging families to be active together which I think is another great idea. I remember growing up my parents always had my family doing activities together like going on hikes and going snow tubing.
I really like that Michelle Obama is trying to get everyone involved in the movement. It is awesome to see in the video how many professional athletes are getting involved in the movement. 

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