Friday, March 23, 2012

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This article talks about a model in which theorists believe that if a student has high achievement in the verbal domain, they most likely lack confidence in the mathematical domain. The opposite is also believed to be true as students that show high scores and achievement in the mathematical domain are seen to have a poor self-concept in the verbal domain. This model is referred to as the Internal/External Frame of Reference Model. The word internal relates to the students comparing their own personal achievement in one subject to their achievement in another subject. The word external refers to a student comparing their own achievement to the achievement of their peers.  For this study done in the article, investigations were done to link physical education to the verbal and mathematical areas and see if high achievement in physical education can be linked to high achievement and a positive self-concept in the classroom in verbal and mathematical subjects. The study was done in France and surveyed about 451 students with the mean age of 13.5 years. It was ultimately found that physical education showed no significant relationship with achievement or self-concept in verbal subject matter. Yet there were positive implications for self –concept in the mathematical domain.

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