Saturday, March 31, 2012

Educational Philosophy (work in progress)

Education is not simply the delivery of information from teachers to students, but rather is a means by which teachers instill the capacity to learn and achieve in ways that will make students successful individuals later on in life. I believe that students need to be able to relate the learning experiences to the world around them, and that it is the responsibility of the teacher to make students hungry for knowledge.
For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that what I am learning in school should relate to a real life situation of some sort. I recall sitting through numerous lessons in high school and thinking to myself “how and when am I ever going to use what I am learning right now in life?” Thus I truly believe that as a future teacher, it will be my responsibility to facilitate learning in my students using a student-centered approach. This does not simply mean teaching all the numbers and facts from a textbook, but rather helping students connect what they are learning to real world experiences. Connecting learning experiences to students lives’ most definitely requires social interaction, which I believe is another crucial part of learning. I believe that anything from small group work and projects to larger class discussions and debates are fundamental parts of a child’s education.
            I am a firm believer in structure in the classroom. The classroom is a place where students learn and it is important that teachers create an environment that is warm and inviting to the students. I believe that good teachers instill in their students the desire to learn and the drive to succeed and have a bright future. They do this by motivating their students in many different ways. Students become bored very easily, especially when learning a subject that it is not easily related to real life situations. Thus teachers should use different methods to reach all the different learners in their classroom. It is extremely important to remember that all students have a different preferred style of learning. Not all students will learn by looking at a colorful poster or graphic, just as not all students will learn by listening to a teacher lecture. Teachers must plan their lessons with individual learning differences in mind.
            Teachers have an immense impact on student’s education. I believe that all teachers share a passion for working with children and bringing them the knowledge they need to be successful individuals later on in life. Teachers touch the lives of their students every day and are role models for their students. 

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