Friday, January 20, 2012

Our first video recording!

Today in our EDU 470 class we were videotaped while explaining some of the ideas we have on our philosophy of physical education. It is one thing to write out on paper what our philosophy is and what we hope and aspire to be one day as physical educators. But it is most definitely a completely different experience to talk about our ideas and dreams out loud in front of a camera. This was such a worthwhile experience to be videotaped because in the future when we go out to schools to interview we are going to be speaking to our potential hirers in person. These days physical education is definitely not given the credit that it deserves in many skills. Thus being able to verbally back up the program with the reasons why physical education is so important is a crucial skill that every physical education teacher must have. We must be able to explain the significance of being physically fit as well as the ways we will teach our students to be active and healthy individuals.

I noticed today that when I brought up my notes with me while being videotaped, I actually did worse than I would have done if I had just had said what had come to my mind. My words flowed a lot smoother when I truly just said my hopes and beliefs. In reality when you do have to talk to your superintendent and back up your physical education program, it is going to be important to think off the top of your head. Thus speaking in front of the video camera about our philosophy and what we aspire to be as future physical educators is extremely important. It shows that we truly have passion for what we want to do in life.  

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