Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Hope, I Believe, I Will

My greatest hope as a future physical educator is to make an impact on the lives of my students. The job market right now is not what it used to be decades ago and thus the teachers that are hired must be the best of the best. I strive to better myself and learn each day so that I can share my knowledge with my students one day. I want to be the teacher that the students go home and tell their parents about when they share the exciting things they did in physical education that day. I hope to develop the motor skills of my students and to make them realize that physical activity is fun.

I believe it is my own personal RESPONSIBILITY to educate my future students on why physical activity is so important and also on the ways to stay physically fit. As obesity rates are on the rise, it is extremely important to realize that going to Physical Education class twice a week for 40 minutes is not enough. Thus I believe it will me my duty as a physical educator to show students’ ways in which they can get their 60 minutes a day in. I want to show them that exercising doesn’t need to be a tedious and boring thing, but rather make them more enthusiastic about moving. I believe that physical education is not “recess” time or a time for students to run around and burn off all their energy, but rather is a time for LEARNING to take place.

I will make students want to come to physical education, and will make them excited to participate rather than just showing up to class because they have to. I will continue to strive to educate my students on the dangers of obesity and what they must do to stay physically fit and live a long and healthy life. I will show them ways to make exercise fun and rewarding. I will instruct my students that it is important to have BOTH a healthy mind and a healthy body. I will show my students by example. In other words, I myself know that I must be a healthy and fit individual if I want my students to also aspire to be that way.

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