Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Towel = No Gym

Today I observed something at the gym that bothered me quite a bit. As I was working out on the elliptical I observed the girl working at the front desk deny 9 people from entering the gym. The reason she would not let them come into the gym to work out was because they had not brought their towel with them. Thus they had to go all the way back to their dorm or house to get a towel. I understand that it is gym policy that everyone must bring a towel with them when they workout but this rule has never been enforced in the past. I also understand that the gym probably wants to start making people oblige to the rule but I think that the students should be given a little warning first. For example, the people at the gym could warn the students that after a certain date, they will not be allowed into the gym without a towel. They can continue to give friendly reminders that it is okay if they forget their towel the first time but the next time they will not be given access to the gym without a towel. I know that towels are extremely important for hygienic reasons but I do not think that people should be denied the right to work out at the gym because they do not have a towel. There is disinfectant spray and paper towels available all around the gym to wipe down the machines after using them. I am not saying that I do not think that people should still bring their towels, but I do think that if they happen to be in a rush and forget their towel once in a while they should still be allowed into the gym to workout. There have been times that I have a jam packed day and only have a little block of time to go to the gym. I certainly would not want to be denied these times for not having a towel. I just felt that the situation at the gym today had a negative impact on allowing people to exercise and I was quite disappointed to see this.

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