Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog is back up and running!

I have not really blogged since I took PED 201 but now that I am taking EDU 470 with Professor Yang I am excited to get back into blogging. Today was the first day of classes for the spring semester and I have to admit that I am already feeling a little bit overwhelmed. This semester some of the classes that I am taking include EDU 355, EDU 470, PED 356, Anatomy II, as well as Nutrition. Thus the course load is heavy but I am excited because this semester I will be fully immersed in the Physical Education Major. I am especially excited for EDU 355 because it includes field work and observations at a local elementary school. I think this will be a great experience and I truly am most passionate about working with elementary aged students. After completing my observations for EDU 256 in a middle school and high school last spring, I realized that although I would take a job in whichever grade level I was offered, I really do enjoy working with the younger children more. They have such vivid imaginations and are really are excited to play and learn. I am also really excited about taking PED 356 which focuses on adaptive physical education. I am in the adaptive physical education concentration here at SUNY Cortland so I have already taken a few classes with the adaptive focus, but I am really excited to work more closely with students with disabilities. As described by Professor Yang this morning, EDU 470 will really dive into discovering more about our own individual philosophies of teaching and coaching. I think this will be a real eye-opener to our beliefs on physical education and what we strive to be as future physical educators. Although look at each syllabus given to us by our professors may seem overwhelming right now, I know that all the hard work and dedication will pay off in the end.

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