Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Sprint to the Finish

I have recently been having a little trouble keeping up with my blogging every day. This is the end of the race to the semester and I can see the finish line in the near future. Taking 21 credits this semester was a big under-taking and the work load has really been piling up these past few weeks. But there is something else besides this semesters workload that is occupying my thoughts lately. After this semester, I will be taking one more semester of classes in the fall and then I will be student next spring. I am on track to be getting my masters in health education in one year through the collaborative physical education and health program here at Cortland. As an undergraduate student I have already taken some health classes including personal and community health, human sexuality education, and nutrition. I have enjoyed all of these classes and I can honestly say that I would like to teach health education even though my true passion lies in physical education. At last Novembers NYS AHPERD Conference I talked to many different teachers and asked them what they thought about getting a master’s degree in health education. I think that every single teacher said it was a great idea, especially in today’s job market. Some open positions may require me to teach both health education and physical education. Right now my plan is to apply for jobs as soon as I finish my degree in physical education. If I cannot find I job, then I will go right into the master’s program in health education. 

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