Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PED 201 Infant Skits!

It seems like almost an eternity ago that I was in PED 201 here at SUNY Cortland with Professor Yang. I remember being so excited to finally get out in to the schools and going to St. Mary's was a great experience! One of the biggest parts of Professor Yang's PED 201 class is students must turn the information from one of the chapters in the book into a song or skit. I was in the class in the fall of 2010 and my partners and I were assigned a chapter on infant reflexes. I can honestly say that I remember every little detail from the chapter because of the skit we did on it. My partners and I made a skit up about a pretend new item called a "flexlet" that gives an infant the incredible power of having all the reflexes. It was a really neat experience to make this skit and I had a lot of fun also watching all of the videos that my classmates made.

Today I went to watch Professor Yang's current PED 201 class perform their infant skits live in Poolside. I think that although many of the students seemed extremely nervous, each group did a great job. It takes a lot of courage to sing in front of others, especially in Poolside during busy lunch hours!! This performance was a great way to get the students more comfortable in front of their peers and I really enjoyed watching!

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