Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Let the love of learning rule humanity."

Early this morning I was inducted into a National Honor Society here at Cortland called Phi Kappa Phi. This is an honor society for both seniors and juniors who are in the top 7.5% of their class. It was a very nice ceremony and the key note address was done by one of the early childhood professors here at Cortland. She specializes in the area of environmental studies and with earth day coming up tomorrow, she decided to focus her address on the huge issue of global warming. It was definitely not the typical key note address that I am used to hearing at various physical education conferences and mini-conferences, but it was very interesting to hear some of the facts about how our global climate is currently changing. 
The motto of the organization in Greek is "Philosophìa Krateìto Photôn" which translates to "Let the love of learning rule humanity." I personally really like the quote and found deep meaning in it. I am a firm believer that one should never stop learning and that it is extremely important to always continue with professional development. I think that it is also extremely important that humanity is included in the motto of the organization. To me, the word humanity means that one is able to treat others with kindness and compassion. Every well-educated person can be no one in life unless they show these crucial humanity skills. 

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