Thursday, April 19, 2012

Personal Body Guards to Stop Bullying?

I recently wrote a research paper on the differences between cyber-bullying  and in-school bullying. I was able to find out some really interesting facts about which types of students are usually the bullies and which types of students are generally the ones who are the victims of bullying. In EDU 470 class on Monday Professor Yang showed our class an article about a student in the New Brunswick, Canada who is the victim of many bullying and hate crimes because he is gay and overweight. Because nothing has worked in the past to protect the student from bullying, his parents have gone to extreme measures. They have hired a personal body guard for their son. In my opinion, this probably was not a good idea. I believe that the student having a personal body guard will probably only make the situation worse. He very well may be bullied even more by his peers for having someone there to "protect" him. It really saddens me that the students parents needed to hire the body guard in the first place. I hope that they will find a solution that works to protect the student in the very near future.
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