Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Fun at St.Mary's!

The theme of our lab this week was HALLOWEEN!!!

We all came dressed in costume and as soon as the kids saw this, they all became really excited for what was in store for that afternoon. We started off the afternoon by observing the gym group teach a couple of games to demonstrate the locomotor skills of an overhand throw and a catch. It took us a little longer than usual to observe the skills this week because everything was kind of crazy in the gym since there were so many kids in the gym. It was very clear that there is difference between the kindergarteners and 2nd graders when observing the skills. After we observed the locomotor skills we all split up into our groups. My partners and I were in charge of the Special Projects group this week but there wasn’t much work for us to do. Steve went around and observed the other groups teach while taking notes. Andrew was in charge of taking photos. I kind of just floated around from group to group, and when some groups needed some extra help, I would step in to play. Everyone did a really great job and I definitely think that each one of my classmates has improved a great deal since our first time at St. Mary's. For the closing activity we played a game of capture the flag. It was all of the children of St. Mary's against all of us. The students really seemed to love running around and half of them were simply chasing the older Cortland kids rather than trying to capture the "trick-or-treat candy". For the final closing I taught the class a dance to the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Although all of the children could not pick up the dance perfectly, I think that they still enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun teaching it!

This is a picture of the group while
I was teaching "Thriller"!

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