Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cortland Superhero's!!

The theme of this week was SUPERHERO'S! We began the lab by observing the gym group teach a couple activities to have the students demonstrate how they leap, horizontally jump, and how they slide. The group that was participating was absoultely huge and I thought that the lab teachers did a really great job. My lab partners and myself were assigned to work with the cafeteria group. Yet we never actually were in the cafeteria. We started out outside. Here we played some kickball with the kids. It was very different working with the older kids since last time we worked with the pre-k students. I was well prepared for the older students different attitudes. After we played kickball for a little while, we went inside to the big gym. My partners and myself knew that the kids would not want to play a little tag game like we would have played with the younger kids so we suggested playing a big game of capture the flag. Although some of the students were not as enthusiastic about this idea as others at first, they all agreed to play. And it turned out that they all loved the game! Even when we told them they could go play their own games, they all wanted to keep playing capture the flag! It was a great activity to get them moving, breaking a sweat and get their heart rates up. I also think the fact that it was a competitive game helped and they also seemed to enjoy the fact that my lab partners and I participated as well! After playing for quite a while, we cleaned up and I began playing a game of football with some of the boys. They were very knowledgable on the game and I was very impresses with their skills. I also played jump rope with some of the girls which was a lot of fun too. I was definitely tired after all the days activities!

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