Sunday, November 21, 2010

St. Mary's Bazar!!

Yesterday I helped out at the St.Mary's Holiday Bazar. It was definitely a great way to get involved in the community here in Cortland.  I was put in charge of running a couple of different games. One of the games was a ring toss type game. The children had to stand behind a line and toss a ring around one of four scare-crows. They received one red ticket for each ring that they got around a scarecrow. These red tickets could be used to get prizes! The other game I ran was a race car game board game. This was a game that involved 2-4 players. They would take turns rolling a big die and whatever number they landed on was the number of spaces they had to move. Whoever got to the finish line first was the winner and received some red tickets. Some of the different prizes they could chose to "buy" with their red tickets were silly bandz, stuffed animals, and candy!

this is a photo of me playing the scare-crow ring toss with a young girl!

I saw a lot of the student I have been working with in lab on Mondays at the bazar. I was really surprised to see how many students remembered who I was! A few of them came over to me to give me hugs when they saw me. One of the girls painted hearts andd flowers on my hands at the face painting station. All of the kids were were so excited to play the games I was running! It was also really awesome to see that the woman in charge of the bazar seemed very excited to have me and few of my peers there to help. I think that it is important that as future physical educators we get involved with activities in the community!

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