Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gobble Gobble! It's Thanksgiving at St.Mary's!

The theme of our lab this week was Thanksgiving! Although we did not dress up the kids knew very well that the theme was thanksgiving because we all brought colorful and exciting props for our games. My lab group was in charge of teaching the opening gym games. To get the kids warmed up and moving, Steve did a quick game of pilgrim tag. We had 29 kids in our group and it definitely was a lot to handle! The kids were full of energy and enthusiasm which definitely radiated to me when it came time for me to teach my game. The name of my game was the "turkey trot" and was done to to observe the locomotor skill of kicking. Before the lab I made colorful poster boards with different thanksgiving clipart pictures. The game involved the students kicking the ball to the poster and person across from them and then running to the poster where they just kicked the ball. I added in some different fun variations. For example, they had to gobble like a turkey when running to the next poster, or they had to make the sound of an Indian. Overall I think the game went well. There was definitely alot of kids and it felt like I was screaming in order for all of them to hear me. I definitely think that using music works really well to cue stopping and stopping for the kids and capture their attention. After my game, Andrew did a game that involved dribbling. His game also went very well and I really believe that my lab partners and I have come a long way since Week 1. After the opening gym games, the children went outside and we played a big game of kickball which was a lot of fun! At the end of the afternoon, we played one final game and then did the turkey pokey! The turkey pokey was really cute and the students really seemed to enjoy it. I would have to say that this was probably our best lab yet! I am looking foward to our next and final lab!

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